Childhood Singer to International Mentor – Queenzy Cheng guides Taiwanese model, Tom Chang to release debut single “爱, Don’t Be Shy”

Kuala Lumpur, June 29, 2017 – Malaysian artiste, Queenzy Cheng and Taiwanese model, Tom Chang are set to release their debut single, “爱 (Love), Don’t Be Shy” soon. This international collaboration single was filmed in Taipei, Taiwan and recorded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. “爱, Don’t Be Shy” aspires to lift your mood and spirit, inspiring you with a harmonious as well as romantic pop music.

Queenzy who is part of M-Girls, is synonymous with Chinese New Year songs. Having released more than 30 albums over the last two decades, she believes in the elusive power of music and lyrics that can brought upon her listeners’ heart, soul and mind. Tom is an emerging Taiwanese model with a great passion in singing. Tom has also participated in Astro Call Me Handsome reality programme.

Tom met Queenzy through a charity event held in Malaysia back in 2015. Similar to Queenzy, Tom realises that music brings therapeutic effects to listeners. Determined to develop Tom’s passion in singing, Queenzy agreed to collaborate, releasing their first debut single.

Riding on the success of Queenzy’s illustrious career as a recording artiste, she is ready to impart her experiences and knowledge specially to groom new talents such as Tom. Queenzy’s phenomenal repertoire of albums and touring speaks for itself, captivating her audiences and mesmerising the masses.

According to Queenzy, M-Girls will be taking a break in 2018 and will not be publishing their Chinese New Year album; a tradition practiced since 2001. Therefore, she would like to take this opportunity to focus on this album, promoting it in Malaysia and Taiwan.

爱, Don’t Be Shy is slated for release in quarter 3 of 2017 and is in the midst of obtaining approval from the Film Censorship Board (LPF). Album release dates will be announced soon on as well as via Queenzy and Tom’s social media pages.