Queenzy Cheng Focuses On Digital Streaming Platforms As She Ushers Into The Year Of The Water Tiger 2022 With “GOOD, BETTER, BEST!”《好好好》Album

Kuala Lumpur, 27 December 2022 – Malaysian artiste, Queenzy Cheng (莊群施) has released the 2022 “Good, Better, Best!” Lunar New Year album. This album features 3 original mandarin compositions with lively yet heartwarming festive tunes to usher the year of the Water Tiger which coincides with her own animal zodiac. The theme song was written by award-winning songwriter and lyricist Ang Chee Ciang (邓智彰). Queenzy has also invited her close friend, Veron Lin (练倩汶) to participate in one of the songs.

Having released more than 30 albums over the last two decades, Queenzy has witnessed the transition from laser disc, cassettes, videotapes, video CD and gradually to CD as well as DVD. Today, the audience has mainly evolved to the digital era focusing on streaming platforms such as Youtube, Spotify and many more. Despite having to deal with digital piracy, Queenzy is very appreciative that many of her fans are still supporting genuine albums by listening or viewing on her official streaming channels.

Nevertheless, Queenzy will also release a collector’s edition of the album for fans who have been collecting her albums without fail throughout the decades. This collector’s edition comprises a USB Drive with the music videos and also a deck of 3-Player Mahjong cards. This set is only sold exclusively on Queenzy’s store at www.queenzy.store