“Good Luck” – Queenzy Cheng’s 30th Anniversary Posthumous Lunar New Year Masterpiece Crafted with AI Technology

Queenzy Cheng’s enduring legacy takes centre stage with the release of “Good Luck,” an enchanting Lunar New Year song that seamlessly blends tradition and technology. This musical masterpiece not only pays homage to Queenzy’s remarkable 30-year journey in the music industry but also introduces cutting-edge AI technology to breathe life into her unmatched voice and visuals.

In celebration of her 30th anniversary in the music industry, Queenzy adorns pearls, symbolizing purity and elegance. The pearl, a timeless gem, resonates with the symbolism of the Year of the Dragon in 2024. Just as the dragon embodies strength and prosperity, the pearl, with its lustrous beauty, becomes a metaphor for Queenzy’s enduring influence and the milestones she has achieved in her illustrious career.

Despite the physical absence of Queenzy during the recording and filming, every detail of “Good Luck”, from its captivating title to the heartfelt lyrics, composition, and visual poetry of the photo shoot received Queenzy’s personal approval.

In a collaborative effort between The Estate of Queenzy Cheng and the team at her company, Qhinetic, meticulous planning and execution were carried out to release this song for the Lunar New Year. The absence of her physical presence in the recording studio or on the set was overcome by the advancement of AI technology. Through a complex algorithm and machine learning method that draws from Queenzy’s extensive recording history, her voice was reborn, capturing the very essence of her past years in the music industry. The result is an authentic vocal performance that remains true to Queenzy’s unique style, ensuring her voice continues to resonate. The music video features an AI-enhanced representation of Queenzy, a thoughtful and visually striking tribute to her iconic image.

“Good Luck” proudly hails from Malaysia and is produced by a dynamic team. The song was written by Leow Yee Xing, who has also assisted with the AI vocal generation. The main producer Ang Chee Ciang, is Queenzy’s mentor and paternal figure in the entertainment industry since the beginning of her career. Collaborating seamlessly as producers are WeiC and Koh Kok Boon, steadfast allies who have shared a longstanding partnership with Queenzy. The visual narrative of “Good Luck” is entrusted to the visionary director Kiang HY from Octopost Studio, another creative ally whose collaboration with Queenzy spans numerous years.

Renowned for her revolutionary spirit, Queenzy founded her own company in 2017, ushering in a new era for Lunar New Year songs. These releases, a departure from tradition, resonate seamlessly throughout the entire year, reflecting her commitment to breaking seasonal norms. Queenzy’s distinctive and modern filming style captures the essence of contemporary living, while her music videos feature casual and relatable dressings, avoiding extravagance in favour of a unique and personally infused touch. As an artist consistently at the forefront of change, the usage of AI in her posthumous work underscores her ongoing dedication to pioneering advancements in musical expression.

Join us in this musical journey as “Good Luck” unfolds, breathing new life into Queenzy’s unparalleled legacy. “Good Luck” will be released simultaneously on Queenzy’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel on February 8, 2024, at 8:00 am. It will also be available on major streaming platforms globally on February 9, 2024.

But the journey doesn’t end here. In 2024, Queenzy has a special treat for her fans – two Hari Raya Songs which she has previously recorded herself. These releases, presented in lyric video format, promise to showcase her musical ability and dedication to sharing diverse cultural celebrations. Queenzy’s spirit lives on, redefining the musical landscape and captivating audiences in ways that only she could.

Honouring Queenzy’s Legacy:
In profound respect for Queenzy’s vision, existing albums, now sold out, will stand as exclusive collector’s editions. This decision reaffirms the commitment to preserving the authenticity and rarity of Queenzy’s musical treasures.

To maintain accurate information, verification from Queenzy’s official account is encouraged. Any information circulating outside Queenzy or her company accounts should be treated as a rumour until officially confirmed. Any unauthorised usage of Queenzy’s image or publicity rights is strictly prohibited without prior consent from The Estate of Queenzy Cheng. All rights reserved.


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