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  • Queenzy Cheng (莊群施) takes a breather from M-Girls, breaking traditions by releasing 2018 You Are The Best! Chinese New Year album

    Malaysian artiste, Queenzy Cheng (莊群施) is set to release a new breakthrough in the Chinese New Year album market with lively festive tunes, innovative filming and editing techniques. The 2018 YOU ARE THE BEST! 《今年你最好》 album presents 5 mandarin traditional festive tunes and 2 original mandarin composition by award winning songwriter and composer, Ang Chee Ciang (邓智彰) and Wong Chee Seong (王昱享).

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  • 莊群施独当一面,暂别M-Girls组合团体

    《今年你最好》可以说是莊群施在20年的音乐道路上,突破性的一张贺岁专辑。暂别组合团体,独当一面同时挑起制作整张专辑的重任。《今年你最好》贺岁专辑的音乐制作,莊群施如愿以偿的邀请到王昱享当制作人。专辑里共收录7首新年歌曲,其中包括【今年你最好】1首王昱享(小王老师)的全新创作、【O! Let’s Go】1首邓智彰(邓爸爸)的曲和莊群施与粉丝朋友们写的词、5首重新编曲的经典新年歌。

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