The Finale of Queenzy Cheng’s 30th Musical Anniversary – The Release of Two Aidilfitri Songs with Chinese New Year Beats

As Queenzy Cheng’s remarkable journey in the music industry continues to inspire, her legacy is further celebrated with the launch of two heartfelt Hari Raya Aidilfitri songs titled “Syawal Aidilfitri” and “Keluarga Aidilfitri.”

“Syawal Aidilfitri” is a melodic tribute based on Queenzy’s 2020 “鼠报平安 Blessed New Year” melody, resonating with the joyous spirit of the festive season. On the other hand, “Keluarga Aidilfitri” draws its inspiration from Queenzy’s 2022 “好好好 Good, Better, Best!” melody, embracing themes of unity, love, and familial bonds.

Both songs, written by Ang Chee Ciang with Queenzy’s input on lyrics, were recorded by Queenzy herself in 2020 and 2021, yet remained unpublished until now. As a tradition she initiated when she founded her own company in 2017, Queenzy has consistently released Hari Raya Aidilfitri songs. With the unveiling of these two pieces, her repertoire expands to 8 Aidilfitri songs, enriching the diverse Malaysian cultural landscape with her musical contributions.

It is crucial to note that all releases, including the recent AI rendition of her 2024 Good Luck Chinese New Year song, have undergone meticulous clearance procedures, ensuring consent from her family members and respective rights holders. Every detail shared about Queenzy’s journey has been carefully curated to accurately reflect her own words and sentiments expressed during her lifetime. Notably, even her heartfelt message to audiences in the previous music video was extracted from an unpublished behind the scenes interview, preserving the authenticity of her legacy.

The Aidilfitri album covers pay tribute to Malaysia’s cultural heritage with intricate designs inspired by traditional Malay artistry, including the wau and batik prints. Queenzy’s portrait, meticulously hand-drawn, reflects not just her physical likeness but the essence of her soulful artistry. As she celebrates her 30th musical anniversary, the pearl necklace she chose symbolises her enduring influence and the milestones of her illustrious career. Each pearl represents a triumph and cherished memory, encapsulating her timeless elegance and profound impact on the entertainment industry.

These compositions hold profound significance as they mark Queenzy’s final vocal recordings, serving as an emotive conclusion to her illustrious 30-year tenure in the entertainment industry. It is reiterated that any unauthorised use of Queenzy’s image or publicity rights is strictly prohibited without prior consent from The Estate of Queenzy Cheng, safeguarding her artistic integrity and honouring her enduring legacy.

To ensure accurate information dissemination, members of the public are advised to rely on official information from Queenzy’s or her management company’s official account only. Any information circulating outside Queenzy or her company’s accounts should be treated as speculative until officially confirmed.

Her last songs will be released on Queenzy’s official YouTube channel and all streaming platforms on March 31, 2024, at 1:00 pm.

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